Algeria and Packaging

The global packaging industry makes an average sales figure exceeding 500 billion euros in which 60% concerns the agri-food sector. However, the disparities remain very strong between the countries, since 75% of the packaging production is being consumed by only 20% of the global population.

Packaging has evolved over time, it went from its unique function of just protecting the product and informant, to its function of a silent salesman. It became an essential tool on which the company relies on to achieve its goals and constantly building up relations with the consumer, which reveals certain importance to study the role perceived by the consumer.

The Algerian companies are getting more and more aware of the importance of packaging in the consumer’s act of purchasing, this shows in all the packaging changes that we notice in the agri-food market in Algeria. The companies are paying more attention to the visual qualities of the packaging of their products, and this is due to the increasing competition in the agri-food sector. Thereby it reinforces this competition more. This invasion of foreign food products of all kinds which intervens with higher qualities of their packaging, Algeria is today the first African importor of food products, with 75% of its needs are being met by importations, that makes Algeria a structurally importing country. The Algerian companies producing food products such as juice, biscuits … have taken awareness of the competition’s danger and they consequently offer products that are more and more neat and pleasant.

The paper and packaging sector represent almost a quarter of the total of 300 000 SMEs existing in Algeria. Around 20% to 23% of SMEs that are speciallized in this activity.

The Algerian sector of printing and packaging are being accused of slow progress compared to European countries. A situation that can be remedied, due to new noticeable growth in the sector of edition, of the production and transformation of food, consequantly of the printing and packaging sector, hundreds of new factories must be built during the upcoming years despite the linear developement of the sector. The Algerian producers are always in need of new tendencies and technologies.

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