Why Exhibit ?

Why Exhibit in Algeria ?

Present the dynamic of national companies and develop the national food production.
Present the international firms who are the important economical actors to transfer their expertise,training and investment.
The country is the first importer of food in the African continent. The agri-food represents the second industry in the country after hydrocarbons. The Algerian agri-food industry realizes 45% of the sales figures of the national industry.
Its strategic position: north Africa with a coastline on the Mediterranean sea and the center of the Maghreb.
A potential market : a strong consumption with more than 43 millions of inhabitants.
Its area : 2 381 741 KM2 hence the availability of large investment surface, plus a young and active workforce.
Taking advantage of a workforce that is less expensive than Europe, Morocco and Tunisia , as well as the cost of energy sources that are at a very low price range.
Taking advantage of the ease of investment and encouragement by the government : numerous exemptions on custom duties and taxes , bonuses on interest trade.

Why Exhibit at AGRO PACK ?

Take advantage of a major and unmissable event in Algeria : The international exhibition of AGRI-FOOD and PACKAGING ;

Agro-Pack Expo represents a perfect opportunity to expand Your productivity and boost your sales and sales figures. This exclusive event in Algeria is an exhibition with a high value, which will allow you to develop Your business .
Associate the image of Your company to an exhibition of big span and benefit from a strong media communication before, during and after the exhibition.
Find new partnerships, clients and/or service providers in your field. Also , AGRO PACK EXPO allows You to meet and exchange with other exhibitors and visitors during the 4 days of the event.

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