Algeria and Agri-Food

The agri-food industry has encouraged all countries of the world to pay attention to the sector for several reasons, specifically the fast development and evolution of the modern technology in various aspects of life, the increment of the population and the expansion of food related problems. This industry is one of the leading factors of country’s economy since its creation, and it plays a vital role in the achievement of growth in worldwide economy and in guaranteeing the country’s food security.

The agri-food industry has registered a remarkable development in the last years in Algeria, this sector holds an important place in the national economy, due to the fact that it employs 1.6 million people, equivalent of 16% of the active population, and contributes 47.68% to gross production and 38.4% to the added value. It contributes as well as with 28% to the sales figures of Algerian industries aside of hydrocarbons achieved during the year 2018. Which makes the Algerian agri-food industry, the second industry of the country after renewable energy, is one of the growing factors of the country’s economy.

On the other hand, this industry holds an important place in the exterior commerce. The agri-food importations have recognized a descrease following the implementation of policies aimed at reducing import of certain products, and the encouragement of the consumption of national product. However, Algeria is still to this day, the first African importator of food production with 75% of these needs are insured by imports. This sector did not succeed to face the demand of food and to get rid of the external aid.

Otherwise , the agri-food exportation still suffers from the insufficiency of offering high quality products, and of external competition which strikes with full force on the international and local market because the products of our companies are not able to face the lack of competitiveness when it comes to price/quality, of means and capacity of production and innovation.

In order to assure the food security, Algeria has developed many strategies to improve the industrial sectors, including the food sector. It also has adopted a vise strategy to stimulate the national production, that improved the comptitiveness of the agri-food sector and developed the exportation. Meanwhile, despite this strategy, this sector does not effectively contribute to the achievement of sustainable food security. Hence, Algeria still needs new investments in the sector and new technologies.

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