A south mediterannean country , door to Africa and the center of the Maghreb, with an area of 2 381 741 km², it has more than 45 millions inhabitors, in addition of a natural growth of 2,9 % and an active population of 24,3% of youth . Algeria profits of a high gross domestic product per inhabitant in north Africa (14 687,39 USD in puchasing power). Its capital Algiers , is the most populated city of the whole country situated in the north, on the cost of the Mediterannean, the first economical and commercial pole of Algeria and the most important financial one of the country.

The country shares more than 6 385km of terestrial borders with countries like Tunisia in the north east and Morocco in the west which are strategic borders in import and export matters.

The Algerian government has established initiatives which aim to develop the sector of the agri-food industry which is an essential element for the development of the Algerian economy.

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